BioMechanical Tattoos
Biomechanical tattoos, also known as Bio-Mech is a style of tattooing portraying live robots or robotics. The human body intertwined with robotic parts. Living tissue meshed with machinery, wires, gears etc.. The most popular artist of whom has made this style of tattooing more popular, is illustrator H.R. Giger, of whom designed the creatures from the Alien movies. Biomechanical tattoos are often done in black and gray with allows the artist to better blend the machinery into the human flesh making the art more realistic. Brilliant full color bio mech tattoos are becoming extremely popular as the artistry gets better and better. Biomechanical tattoos are making a strong comeback lately as seen on television shows such as Miami Ink and LA ink. The brilliant colors and amazing detail used in biomechanical tattoos make them very recognizable. Enjoy the galleries!